Yankee Fans Embarrass Themselves, The Yankees, Baseball, The Great City of New York, America and Humanity With Wild Card Attendance

Just Yankee fans doing Yankee fan things, having 300 fans show up to a single elimination playoff game.

Sure, the reports are that there are massive logjams due to security getting into the stadium, but let’s not let a tiny thing like ‘facts’ and ‘fairness’ get in the way of making the point that the Yankees should be immediately removed from the playoffs for this.

Also, Never forget:

Screenshot (15)

ICYMI: The Cowboys Murdered Me Last Night 

After Brandon Weeden (didn’t get hurt so Kellen Moore could play and…) miraculously led the Cowboys down the field and tied the game the Boys D suddenly developed sieve like tendencies and let the Saints kick a game winning chip shot, which they missed, only to win the toss and score in a couple plays to beat the Cowboys. As you can see I didn’t take it well. 

Whatever. At least now our starting QB, our 1 WR and our 1 RB are all out. That’s good right?

(And yes I’m coping by watching Trainwreck for the third time, and that movie isn’t even out yet. Monday night chick flick scaries cure FTW) 

Kassian Entering Treatment, Comments Still Don’t Make Sense

Pretty predictable revelation that there was more to the Kassian thing than a car crash. Kassian is going into a treatment program and can’t be cleared to play by anyone other than a doctor. Hope the guy can figure his shit out and get back, obviously.

The comments from earlier still don’t make sense though. First of all, to say what Bergevin said when he said it (before the program news came out), and I’m pretty sure that referring to someone’s (presumably) addiction problems as a ‘lack of character’ is FOR SURE not the politically correct assessment, to say the least.

There Is A Chance that I will Regret this Purchase


Just Kidding there is literally zero chance of that. So pumped, even if it arrived quite possibly the day after he was active in that jersey for the second and last time.  Even if I’m wearing a jersey for a guy who isn’t gonna stick I’d rather rep my favorite player in the world and the all time winningest college quarterback than have the 10 billionth Romo jersey in the world.