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Jonathon Lucroy Vetoed A Trade to the Indians, Breaks His Word. Or Did He.

Okay, so I know that this one seems pretty cut and dry- Lucroy said he wanted to go to a contender. The Tribe have the best record in the AL, Lucroy said thanks but no thanks, Lucroy is a liar- OR IS IT?

Here’s the thing, Lucroy said he wanted to go to a contender. Contender is defined as “a team that has an actual legitimate chance to win a championship,” or something like that, I don’t feel like looking it up but you get the idea.

The Indians are in first place and yeah, traditionally that would mean they have a pretty solid chance to win a title. TRADITIONALLY. But last time I checked, which was just now,  the Indians play in CLEVELAND, and TRADITIONALLY the city of Cleveland doesn’t win shit.

Sure, the Cavs just took home an NBA championship, so if you are one of the people who considers that a major sport then sure, they just won a major sports championship. Really, though, that just strengthens my argument. You think that there is really any way that God or Darwin or Bill Simmons or Harambe or that rapper I’m vaguely aware of who curses people on twitter dot com or whoever it is that decides who wins championships is going to let the city of Cleveland get multiple championships in a calendar year? I think not.

Just ask the republicans, they thought that they were a contender, in that they were hoping to come away with a championship in the form of a viable presidential candidate, but then they got a little too much Cleveland on them, and what they got was an overgrown oompa loompa who realized that he has no idea how to actually be president and asked John Kasich if he would consider doing the whole “presidenting” part for him.

Kasich, having previously expressed a desire to join a team that could contend for president, went back on his word and refuesed to go to Cleveland. Pretty much the exact same thing as Lucroy (actually worse since Kasich is technically in charge of Cleveland), but nobody is calling Kasic a hypocrite or a liar.

(Kasich is a politician so  there are probably thousands of people calling him a hypocrite and a liar but never mind that’s not the point.)

So at the end of the day, the fact is that Lucroy wanted to go to a CONTENDER. Sure, the Indians may have a good team, but they have no real chance of winning a title because, as we discussed, Cleveland.

So, at the end of the day, it’s easy to say that Lucroy is a liar, but is he really? I think that anyone saying that needs to take a look at a dictionary and at John Kasich.


And in the mirror because yeah, he obviously just didn’t want to move to Cleveland and can you blame him? You can’t because you wouldn’t either. Who is the hypocrite now?

You Can See the Exact Moment this Giants Kid’s Heart Rips in Half

This is brutal. Sometimes fair balls can look like they’re foul, and sometimes they get scooped up by fans. Sometimes the offending fan doesn’t think that they did anything wrong. Not the case last night at ATT&T Park. Check it out.

Okay so this is a good news/bad news sort of situation for our guy here.  Granted, the good news isn’t exactly good news, more of “reasons it could have been worse,” but lets break down the ups and downs from the above video. As always, you want the bad news first.


Bad: The Giants broadcast spent the delay caused by the replay not just showing, but breaking down and replaying your ashamed exit from AT&T Park. Live look in at the broadcast team while the review was going down:



Good: The Sharks and the Warriors both had home playoff games last night. There were like 25 people watching that game. It was on CSN+, a channel that isn’t even on the air like 300 days a year. You have 40,000 potential viewers in other stadiums, and anyone who cares about Bay Area Sports was watching one of the playoff games. I decided to flip to baseball at intermission (more good news: this didn’t happen at intermission!), and it took me like 5 minutes to

Bad: MLB.com posted the whole thing and some blogs picked it up so about that whole ‘nobody saw it’ thing…

Good: Anonymous internet comment sections are usually pretty sympathetic, right?

Bad: May as well state the obvious. Yep. You grabbed a fair ball. You were forced to leave in the bottom of the 7th.

Good: The Giants blew the game.  You were spared watching the D Backs come back.

Bad: Your girl clearly hates you at that point. She covers here head and is too embarrassed to be seen with when leaving the park. Not going to be fun to deal with.

Good: She’s wearing a Tim Lincucum jersey, sitting front row and immediately knew what happened. That girl is a big Giants fan. Don’t tell her it’s only April. She would have been miserable because the Giants blew the game anyways. At least this is one that you control.

Bad: You made it so that thousands of fans and two major league baseball teams had to sit around for 5 minutes to figure out what would have happened if you didn’t decide that you were the 4th outfielder for the Diamondbacks.

Good: Crawford was still awarded the double and it isn’t like momentum shifted after that play and….uh, oh. Yeah. I guess never mind.

Bad: This, most likely, is it. Your 15 minutes of internet ‘fame.’ You grabbed a ball that was fair by 18 feet and got made fun of (although also got some sympathy) on the internet. Probably not the legacy you wanted to leave.

Good: You were sitting in the front row of a Major League Baseball game in the second most expensive city in the country. I think you’ll survive.

Yankee Fans Embarrass Themselves, The Yankees, Baseball, The Great City of New York, America and Humanity With Wild Card Attendance

Just Yankee fans doing Yankee fan things, having 300 fans show up to a single elimination playoff game.

Sure, the reports are that there are massive logjams due to security getting into the stadium, but let’s not let a tiny thing like ‘facts’ and ‘fairness’ get in the way of making the point that the Yankees should be immediately removed from the playoffs for this.

Also, Never forget:

Screenshot (15)

The AL Wild Card Game is Here to Rescue us From the Most Underrated Bad Sports Day of the Year

I haven’t done all of the research on this one (or any of the research if I’m being honest) to figure out if it is a yearly thing or if the calendar just fell a certain way in 2015, but yesterday was quietly a rare day in which major sports were completely quiet. We all know about the day after the MLB All-Star game (completely blank) and the day after the Super Bowl (anti-climactic) ass the supposedly dead sports days, but this year, at least (again, research=frowned upon at OVS) the day after the MLB season was completely quiet.

It’s pretty obvious why we don’t hear about it, what with the MLB playoffs starting, the NHL season starting and the meat of football season (college and pro) upon us, but a blank slate on a Monday night leads to a boring evening romcom and three episodes of mediocre television.

We’re back tonight though, with the Yankees and the Astros in the play in game (which reminds me, turns out that I’m a HUGE Astros fan), and the NHL season upon us tomorrow. Can’t wait.