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Nit Picks 1: No respect

  1. We are so damn close to having a de facto 8 team playoff in College football right now. This is really a week or two early but it could so easily set up where we have what amounts to four play in games. Thanks to the Pac-12 cannibalizing itself, we could have four conference championships with four teams slated to get in with a win. Think about it:

– Florida faces Alabama in the SEC championship. Both have 1 loss. Winner is in. (That’s the easy part – the one that will definitely happen).

– Oklahoma and Oklahoma State face off in bedlam.  Oklahoma is a strong 1 loss team and Oklahoma State is perfect.  Winner wins the Big12 since Baylor and TCU have each lost and Oklahoma should have the edge over either of them. Winner is in. (This is less of a sure thing, but the winner of that game has to be an odds on favorite to get into the Playoff.)

– Unbeaten Ohio State and Iowa are undefeated and they face eachother in the Big10 championship. Winner should be in. If Ohio State wins it is a sure thing. Nobody wants to go to bat for Iowa, but if they run the table and beat the defending National Champion, they NEED to get a shot at the playoff, even if they are a 10 point dog to Bama.

– Clemson is undefeated and they play a 1 loss UNC. This is where it falls apart…

  1. I PERSONALLY think that a 1 loss UNC should get in, but the fact of the matter is that if Notre Dame’s 1 loss is to a team that had been #1 for a significant portion of the year, they probably get the nod over a UNC team from a not particularly strong ACC that lost to the trainwreck SC program. I would actually love to see Notre Dame treated as no different from a mid-major. I think that a conference championship should be more or less a prerequisite for a playoff berth, but that’s clearly not the view of the committee, who has ND in the mix, potentially over a 1 loss conference champ. Hopefully the Eagles can take it to ND today and render that a moot point.
  2. Speaking of which, ND playing a HOME game against BC at FENWAY PARK is the most outrageously disrespectful thing that I’ve seen in my life. Slap in the face doesn’t begin to describe it. God I hope that the Eagles can pull off a USC-esque shocker.
  3. Just kidding, UNC running up the score every week and still being ranked below teams with 3 losses is more disrespectful.
  4. Boise State is a joke…4 losses, so turning it around against the spreads is my only hope at this point. Here we go:

Michigan (-3) over Penn State

UNC (-5) over Virginia Tech

Houston (-6) over UConn

Michigan State (+13) over Ohio State

Wake (+31) over Clemson

LSU (+7) over Ole Miss

USC (+6) over Oregon

Oklahoma State (+2.5) over Baylor

Texas A&M (+3.5) over Vanderbilt

TCU (+17) over Oklahoma

 4-6 last week, 42-45-3 (ew) on the year