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The AL Wild Card Game is Here to Rescue us From the Most Underrated Bad Sports Day of the Year

I haven’t done all of the research on this one (or any of the research if I’m being honest) to figure out if it is a yearly thing or if the calendar just fell a certain way in 2015, but yesterday was quietly a rare day in which major sports were completely quiet. We all know about the day after the MLB All-Star game (completely blank) and the day after the Super Bowl (anti-climactic) ass the supposedly dead sports days, but this year, at least (again, research=frowned upon at OVS) the day after the MLB season was completely quiet.

It’s pretty obvious why we don’t hear about it, what with the MLB playoffs starting, the NHL season starting and the meat of football season (college and pro) upon us, but a blank slate on a Monday night leads to a boring evening romcom and three episodes of mediocre television.

We’re back tonight though, with the Yankees and the Astros in the play in game (which reminds me, turns out that I’m a HUGE Astros fan), and the NHL season upon us tomorrow. Can’t wait.