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The LA Rams are Embracing the City of LA Already

And by that I mean they are doing dumb, seemingly flashy things that look good only at an extremely short glance, but is obviously stupid if you are an intelligent person and/or look at it for more than 3 seconds.

(Sorry, SoCal about the headline but we are in the midst of a Sharks-Kings series so my animus towards the lower half of this state is running high.)

I actually started writing this when we were about 20 minutes away from the start of Sharks-Kings, the series for which my life will more or less come to a halt at 7:30 every other day for the next couple of weeks, and I am took a moment to post something completely unrelated.

That’s was because I had just heard a report that is what I would describe as instant must-blog material, and as you can see by the frequency of posts here, that isn’t something that happens a ton.

Basically what happened is that the Los Angeles Rams moved up to acquire the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, which is fine and all, but there are a few issues. First is that they gave up the damn farm in order to bring it in. They gave up a two first rounders (16 and 16) two second rounders (both 16), and two thirds (16 and 17) for the first overall, a fourth and a sixth. Even that wouldn’t be the end of the world. Sure, it means that pretty much any additions that the Rams make to their roster in the next two years will have to come in the form of undrafted free agents, but whatever.  I can look past that because  the Rams have a pretty good roster outside of the quarterback position, especially because, similar to what I said about the Martin Jones trade as it relates to goalie in the NHL, if you don’t have a dude at QB in the NFL, you are irrelevant.

The problem is that according to a report, they traded for the pick early so that they had time to evaluate Carson Wentz and Jared Goff for two weeks before they made the pick.

So in summation the Rams ENTIRELY mortgaged their ability to build a roster through the draft (in a league where the free agent selection is essentially a scrap heap…so their ability to build a roster period) in order to trade up and take a quarterback-a position that has a 50% first round bust rate, and they AREN’T EVEN SURE WHICH ONE THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE.

Of course they will sell this as ‘well we think that both could be franchise guys and we just want to see which one is franchise guyer, but I’m calling BS. If you are still debating two weeks before the draft that means you aren’t sure about either quarterback. It is 100% analogous to an ‘if you have two you have none’ situation. If one was a franchise guy he would stand out and you would be sure of it.

If you’re going to back a truck of draft picks up and dump them on the Titans’ lawn, you better be damn sure you’re getting a DUDE, and even then, it isn’t a great idea because, again, 50% bust rate.

You know who should know that? THE TEAM THAT ABSOLUTELY FLEECED THE REDSKINS IN THE DEAL THAT SENT RGIII TO WASHINGTON!!! THE TEAM THAT PUT ALL THE PLAYERS THAT THEY ACQUIRED IN THAT DEAL OUT FOR THE COIN TOSS AGAINST THE SKINS. THE RAMS. They literally went “ha we really made fools out of the Redskins on that one…” and then turned around and did the exact same thing. Evidently the guy who was in charge of remembering how lopsided that trade was got left in St. Louis (which would suck if all your friends moved to California and you had to stay in Missouri but I digress). I can’t wait for the Rams to play the Titans and send out all the players that they got in the Wentz/Goff trade. Maybe then it will hit them how stupid this is.


If You Don’t Think Boise State is Taking Over the NFL You Just Aren’t Paying Attention

Having conquered the JuCo ranks, reigned over the 1-AA (it will always be 1-AA. I refuse to remember which is FBS and which is FCS – okay that’s a lie but calling 1-AA FCS is something I refuse to do), and set themselves apart from the non-power 5 college football world (murdering any poor ‘power conference’ foe that was unlucky enough to draw them in a bowl game), the logical next step for the Boise State Men’s Football Team would have been to set their eyes on a National Championship and College Football dominance.

That would have been the conventional thing to do, but whether it is with the blue turf (for the millionth GD time the thing about the birds is made up please stop asking me), trick plays, taking guys who weren’t heavily recruited them and making them stars, or being located in Idaho, the Boise State Broncos have always been anything but conventional.

Instead of taking over college football, which would have been easy, obvious and mainstream, the Broncos decided to take over the professional level. Zig when everyone expects you to zag. So Boise State.

Consider the past month or so:

Kellen Moore was named the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys (becauseRomogothurtandtwootherguysweredumpsterfires, but whatever). What did he do from there? Go -0-2 Jump out and throw for 430 yards in just his second NFL start. It took him 3 years to get into an NFL game, but when he got in there he showed why he is the greatest quarterback in the world. So what it took him 3 years? I graduated 3 years ago and I still think about how I can get back into pro hockey like 3 times a day, despite the fact that I’m like 85% done with law school.

(But seriously, despite a few bad throws, when he got settled in, Kellen made some impressive throws and moved the offense consistantly.  A lack of timing-which 3 years of rust probably had something to do with- led to a few more picks than you would like to see, but he showed he can play in the NFL, at least as a passable backup.)

Then, yesterday, the Bucks fired Lovie Smith. The Bucks have came under fire because of the way it went down or because they ‘didn’t give Lovie enough of a chance’ (which is dumb but not the point), but the reason seemed to be that they like Dirk Kotter, their offensive coordinator, and want to make him the head man before he gets scooped up by another team.

That’s former Boise State Broncos head coach, Dirk Kotter. So to recap, the Broncos, in the span of a few weeks, got their first ever starting quarterback in the NFL, and will likely have a former coach taking over an NFL job. Not a bad little run.

That’s not all though…among the other highlights:

Dougie was back, as you know if you also have fantasy football ruining your life play fantasy.

Demarcus Lawrence became the beast on the Dallas edge he was at Boise:

  Jay Ajayi…uh…played? (Okay he didn’t have a scorching rookie year but he showed flashes. He’ll be back).

 Someone called Matt Paradis the best center in the league. (And I’ll take their word for it because there are 3 types of people in the world: those that evaluate line play for a living, those who admit they can’t evaluate line play, and liars). 

…and a bunch of other guys made impacts on NFL rosters. 

Not a bad start to what is sure to be the #BoiseNFLTakeOver

NitPicks 7: Off the Board

1. First things first: as this column implies, I frequently check out a few online gambling sites, in order to keep up on spreads so that I can make picks for this column (and for that alone, obviously, because gambling is illegal and breaking the law is bad). The past couple of weeks, I have noticed a trend: The Boise State game hasn’t even been on the board. The Broncos are on such a roll, they are murdering their conference schedule so badly, that the good folks over at Bovada can’t even come up with a number big enough to post the Boise State game on the board. They know that if they post Boise State -70, Brett will just make sure they win by 71. It’s unbelievable. They know that nobody in their right mind would bet against Boise State the way that they’re playing. Can’t blame them for wanting to stay in business, I guess.

2. According to the people who know this sort of thing, the Michigan State-Michigan line has swung about 16 points since the beginning of the year. Michigan is favored by 8 at home this week. If the game had been played week 1, State would have been laying 7 or 8.

3. This is a hockey note but I’m putting it in here because whatever sue me. Do yourself a favor and don’t google any NHL draft picks that are in the league, because if you do that, you will see that 3 of them, Daniel Sprong, Noah Hanafin and Connor McDavid, were born in 1997. That’s TERRIFYING. 1997 was like 15 minutes ago, and these guys were born that year. And they’re playing in the NHL. Craziest part is that I already knew that and it still caught me off guard when I saw it.

4. The above is an example, but I can’t ever remember football taking as much of a back seat in its own season as it has this week. The NFL and NCAA have 100% taken a back seat to the MLB playoffs at the moment and that is a rare occurrence. I think that it is due to a couple of things, first and foremost because the first round of these playoffs have been awesome (and it doesn’t hurt that Chicago, New York, LA and Toronto and Houston – the five biggest North American cities- are prominently involved), and also because to be honest the NFL kinda sucks right now. Without getting into it, there are only 3 or 4 teams that are worth getting fired up. Anyways, I talked about how bananas Monday and Tuesday were, and I hadn’t even included Monday night football. Last night I was going 3 screens in class, but if I needed to take one down for notes it was the SEC/Pac12 game, not the hockey or MLB playoffs.  It’s nothing against the way football is going, just a testament to how exciting a time of year this is.

5. Wait people thought Jeff Goff was gonna win the Heisman? That was a real conversation? Here is my expert analysis on that: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. No.

6. As a Boise State fan, constantly being outraged because a team who has a worse record than us is being given an opportunity we aren’t, I have to feel bad for Toledo right now. Boise State, as good as they look right now, has a loss. Toledo does not, and yet it is the Broncos that are ranked a spot ahead of the Rockets already this year. NOW, do I think that the Rockets deserve to be above the Broncos…not really, because I think that Boise State would CRUSH Toledo if they came together, but the fact is right now Boise State has an L, and Toledo does not, so Boise State fans of all people can empathize with presumptions about teams overriding actual records, especially with a New Years Bowl at stake for the highest ranked small conference school.

7. Listen, as a sports fan, and as a football fan, I LOVE having games on Thursday night. It is wonderful that the Pac12 and the NFL are willing to give us 2 meaningful games on an otherwise dreary sports night. As someone who has a picks column and a ton of other obligations, though? Yeah, I’m not a huge fan.  I’m not complaining, I can just skip the Thursday games  for the picks, but there is no CHANCE that I’m getting the picks in by then on a week to week basis. I GOT BILLS TO PAY (but not really because I’m in school and I’m actually just raking in debt but whatever) PEOPLE.

8. Like I said, when I looked at Bovada, the Boise State game was not listed. When I googled ‘Boise State Utah State Bovada,’ a link appeared but that just redirected to CFB lines, of which Boise State was not one. I have found a line though, on sites that just report lines and don’t take them, at 8.5. If that is in fact the line, allow me to hypothetically HAMMER the Broncos on this one. Score prediction: 38-17 Boise.

9. I need a few recurring themes here, since it takes FOREVER to think of 10 topics to write on and to get this column done (I spend more time on this 1100ish word piece than I do on some 2000 word columns, usually) so I am going to introduce a new one: Hype video of the week. I will do this for a few reasons. One is the reason above, two is that hype videos are awesome, three is that they are everywhere on the internet now, so they are super easy to find, and four is that it’s super easy to embed YouTube videos.  And five is that they’re awesome.  This week’s comes to us from the good folks at Texas A&M, who are probably going to make me feel stupid when they are down 20 to Bama and I picked A&M.

(And as long as we’re throwing out A&M videos, may as well throw it back to the 🐐🐐🐐)


I have a new philosophy when picking games for this week.  I usually try to formulate a theory of how the game will be played, what the most likely scenarios are for the four quarters (will one team be airing it out and jumping away, will it be a four quarter battle or a defensive struggle, will the starters be out and the backups responsible for the outcome etc), and make picks from there.  This week I decided to try to think about which side could be down on the spread at half time and make me go ‘wow I’m an idiot for betting on/against X.’ Call it the ‘I’m an idiot for betting against Alabama rule.’ I also ignored this theory a couple of times, including picking A&M over the namesake of the rule, so whatever.

We roared out to 6-1 last week, but faded on the NFL and ended up 6-3-1.  Still, that’s two weeks in a row in the black and we’re climbing back out of this hole, finally. Another week above .500 and we are back to even on the year.

BYU (-6.5) over Cincinnati

Georgia Tech (-3.5) over Pitt

Michigan State (+7.5) over Michigan

Texas A&M (+4) over Alabama

Oklahoma (-4) over Kansas State

South Carolina (-3) over Vandy

Clemson (+16) over BC

Notre Dame (-7) over USC

Broncos (-5) over Browns

Ravens (-2) over 49ers

6-3-1 last week, 23-24-3 on the year

There Is A Chance that I will Regret this Purchase


Just Kidding there is literally zero chance of that. So pumped, even if it arrived quite possibly the day after he was active in that jersey for the second and last time.  Even if I’m wearing a jersey for a guy who isn’t gonna stick I’d rather rep my favorite player in the world and the all time winningest college quarterback than have the 10 billionth Romo jersey in the world.