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David Ortiz is Retiring. Sports are Stupid.


Kellen Moore got cut. David Ortiz is retiring. Aston Villa is probably going to get relegated (well maybe but the way they are playing right now…), Tony Romo’s collarbone sunk the Cowboys’ season and Boise State has THREE losses.


We are a Patrick Marleau trade away from this becoming a blog about The Bachelor franchise, because I will be forced to stop paying attention to sports.

(Just kidding people who don’t follow sports are weird and I don’t understand what they do all day. Is it school? Are they obsessed with school? Maybe video games? Cars? Either way forget that noise.)


Now as for the actual retiremnt thing it’s been reported that the large father is going to play his final season in 2016. Excluding the first copule of months of each year (those games don’t count, do they?) Papi is still an elite power hitter, but evidently he is opting to step aside rather than sticking it out until he isn’t effective anymore. Now, though, Boston fans are faced with the prospect not only of moving forward without the DH that was integral to three World Series championships, but also with explaining why this is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter retirement tours which were awful and we hated.

And by the way, it is. It is totally different. (I just haven’t figured out how yet BUT IT IS.)

The good news, though, is that (hopefully), the Sox now need to go 100% into win now mode.  They won’t empty the loaded farm system, but nobody would complain if they did in order to put a World Series quality product on the field in 2016.

Granted, with Price and Cueto as the 1-2 starters (sidenote- these are two Aces who, because of mid-season trades, don’t come with draft pick compensation penalties. Dudes should get PAID.) and the move for Kimbrel shoring up the bullpen, the Sox shouldn’t need to empty the barrel in the farm system in order to build a contender.